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Hello! My name is Elisa and I will be your guide! Born in the city, I was always annoyed by the streets crowded with cars, the buildings that hid the sky, the rush of people. I soon realised that my place was no longer in Padova, but in the white rocks of the Dolomites. So I used to spend the week at the University of Forest Sciences, and the weekend exploring the trails of the Wight Mountains, because I wanted to get to know them in all their nuances.

It was my parents who took me to the mountains from an early age, to Val di Zoldo, in the winter with skis on my feet and in the summer to walk, but... I hated it! I was really annoying, all I did was ask "how much longer?". But then I grew up, and I discovered that walking is essential for me. Scouting then taught me about the outdoors, and the satisfaction of long treks in tents. The Italian Alpine Club made me discover mountaineering, and the world outside Val di Zoldo. But walking was never enough for me, I was hungry for trails, views, adventures. So I accumulated experience and kilometres, and in 2021 I realised a dream I had cradled for years: in 3 months I crossed the Alps on foot, from Finale Ligure to Trieste, alone and sleeping in a tent!

On this trip I searched for my way in these mountains, until I realised that there is nothing that gives me greater joy than bringing people up here, and watching their astonished expressions in front of so much beauty. So at the end of the trip I took the course to become an Environmental Hiking Guide, and now I bring people up here, where falling in love is easy.


Le mie più grandi avventure


Alta via 1 delle Dolomiti

Tre ragazze 17enni, una tenda, svariati chili di zaino, mille sentieri da esplorare


Everest Base Camp

Un viaggio di scoperta di una cultura misteriosa, che fiorisce tra le vette più alte del mondo


Slow Alps, la traversata delle Alpi

Dal Tirreno all'Adriatico percorrendo tutto l'arco Alpino

Discover my trekking!

When I walk, I like to record the trail, and draw a virtual line that summarises my journey. These are just some of the walking trips I have made, the ones that have excited me the most. Enlarge the map, click on a trail and read the story of the journey!

Elisa Cortelazzo, alone on foot through the Alps

Article on


She has crossed the ENTIRE ALPS alone!

Interview with Walking Nose


Elisa Cortelazzo: my solo walk in the Alps

Interview with Endu Channel


Story Time, radio canale Italia

My radio interview

story time.jpg

They say about me.....

Story TimeRadio Canale Italia
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Guida Ambientale Escursionistica ai sensi della L. 4/2013
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